Virgin Experience Days 2018


Changing the perception of voucher based gifts.


For many people, Christmas is all about finding the perfect gift. With 78% of people saying that experiences are more important than things it’s no surprise that 61% of all Virgin Experience 2016 sales took place between October and December in 2016,

However, Virgin Experience Days faced a challenge:

How do we change the perception of an experience voucher from a last minute gift to a become top of the christmas wish list?

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Creating gifts that last

Experiences are gifts with lasting power. They won’t be returned or forgotten as soon as that moment of excitement is gone, but we needed to make different types of shoppers see this too.

We created the ‘Unveil Unforgettable’ campaign, focused around how quickly time flies especially around Christmas and how Virgin can make truly memorable. Unforgettable, even.

By identifying 3 different types of shoppers; the early bird, the bargain hunter and the last-minute shopper, we tailored the messaging to each customer segment and targeted them at different points across the shopper journey so they can find an ideal present early on in the season whilst also continuing to drive sales during peak trading.

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% uplift vs Black Friday LY
social competition entries
% uplift in number of sales vs same period LY
“I really like this and will go as far as saying one of our best ones!”
Nat Hanif
Virgin Experience Days

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