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(and craft beer)


The craft beer revolution is in full swing.

And with “meal-for-tonight” shopping also on the up, we saw an opportunity to put two and two together.

However, with shoppers traditionally pairing food with wine, how could we make beer the drink of choice?

Tabft Bg

Partnering with There is a Beer for That

We partnered Co-op with There’s A Beer For That (a leading beer and food pairing movement) and developed a campaign aimed at growing the category. By educating shoppers on the pairing opportunities between beer and food, we hoped to inspire them to try something new.

Each brand could exclusively sponsor one beer type and a food pairing, giving them equal share of voice within the same category.

Creatively we brought the ‘There is a Beer for That’s distinct brand to life in store and complemented it with the delicious food pictures Co-op are famous for.

We sited POS both in and outside the category to catch shoppers who may not have been heading for the beer aisle but instead were on a ‘food-for-tonight’ mission.

Co Op Tabft Case Study


Million opportunities to see
% avg sales uplift per featured SKU
% sales uplift for one featured SKU
"A significant step-change in the way we are working with the media centre - campaigns are bringing much more excitement into store"
BWS Team

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