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Join us for an exclusive roundtable event discussing why some retailers are leaving millions of pounds of revenue on the table.

In partnership with the British Retail Consortium, this roundtable event will discuss how retailers can overcome the barriers to the hidden billion of brand marketing investment through developing successful media centres

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We have never seen a retail environment like the one we’re experiencing today. With increased competition from global players, higher fixed costs for stores and staff and the recent economic uncertainty driving currency fluctuations, the pressure on margin and profit has never been greater. For UK retail to thrive over the next few years, leaders need to focus on new revenue streams to improve our profitability.

So why are some retailers leaving millions of pounds of revenue on the table?

Over the last five years, Amazon have become one of the worlds largest media owners, generating over $10bn of media revenue worldwide from the sale of their on-site media assets to brands. And some of our major grocers have followed, having developed ‘media centres’ that work alongside their supplier brands to offer advertising opportunities throughout their physical and digital estates.

These retailers are capitalising on a change in the way brands are spending their media budgets.

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London: 24th March 2020
Manchester: 23rd April 2020

Our findings show that across the top 70 retailers in the UK (excluding Amazon) there is the opportunity to develop an incremental £1.1bn advertising revenue stream each year but only half of this is being realised today

Ultimately, retailers cannot differentiate themselves by product and price alone, and so we need to continue to find other ways to stand out from the competition
Gary Kibble, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer
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