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Making some serious noise whilst re-launching the 'Seriously Mature Cheddar' across the Co-op estate.


Seriously mature cheddar re-launched as “Seriously” and wanted to make some ‘serious’ noise in the market.

However, with the brand wanting to drive maximum awareness and sales with a limited budget, we were challenged to make the campaign work as efficiently as possible.

Co Op Seriously Kv

Targeting the cheese lovers

Cheese fanatics, of any age, know the truth. Everything tastes better with cheese.

As they’re buying cheese as part of their weekly shop, it’s likely that they already shop the “Seriously” brand. We needed to catch their eye and reassure them that, despite the branding change, it was the same great cheese that they know and love.

Bollard covers captured the shoppers as they came into (and even if they walked past) the store, whilst shelf talkers (highlighting the promotion and new branding) allowed Seriously to engage with shoppers at shelf, in turn increasing the likelihood of them putting the cheese in their basket.

Sounds simple, but it was Seriously effective.

Co Op Seriously Case Study 02


Percent uplift in sales vs the pre-period
Percent more efficient that national press campaigns
Percent more efficient than digital display campaigns

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