Sally Vincent Tea

HR Manager

I head up the HR team across SMG.

That means I help set the strategy for some of our people initiatives across all of SMG and ultimately work towards ensuring our employee experience is the best it can be. My role means I get involved in reward, bringing in new talent, supporting with training and development and working closely with everyone across Threefold and the wider SMG group to understand how we can create a great culture for all our agencies.

Q&A with Sally

Best experience at Threefold?

It's so hard to pick just one! I think for me though, it's getting to work with so many capable and talented people each and every day and seeing everyone come together to make sure Threefold is an extraordinary place to work.

Favourite Campaign?

As I work in a central role, I see so many pieces of amazing work from the teams each and every month during our all-company-meetings. One stand out for me though is Toy Team and seeing how the concept has evolved over the past couple of years. It's a really fun campaign and it's also helped bagged Threefold a couple of awards!

What are you known for?

Always having an emergency pack of Monster Munch ready - some bags have even made it into our training kit box!

Tea drinker

Sally Vincent
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