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Supporting McVitie's above the live campaign at Co-op.

The challenge

Pladis were going big above the line to support their McVitie's Win Big Together campaign. How could we ensure that our activity resonated strongly with Co-op shoppers?


We recognised that McVities' campaign message around 'experiences being sweeter together' was a great opportunity to align with Co-op’s overarching togetherness message.

Our creative execution focused on adapting the overarching ATL message to work in the convenience market. This was supported by a media strategy that utilised channels which enabled us to call out the togetherness message.

The execution

We utilised channels across the entire path to purchase, including activity at the tea fixture to tie into relevant cross category purchase behaviour.

Co Op Mcvities Case Study

How did it translate?

million impressions
% sales uplift with all media combined
% uplift live and past

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