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Client Executive

I'm a Client Executive on the Shop Direct account, working client-side across the AV, Audio and Office categories.

It's my job to act as primary point of contact for all brands in the above categories, creating opportunities to promote them on Very and Littlewoods. In essence, my role is to make sure our shoppers have the right products positioned to them at the right time, to make their decision as painless as possible.

I also stock the most comprehensive snack drawer in history; like a slightly more corporate Willy Wonka who's been forced to downsize.

Q&A with Jon

Best experience at Threefold?

On my first day I was taken to work in a limo, and dropped home by helicopter - I wouldn't want to say I peaked early, but it's hard to top that.

Favourite campaign?

Storage Event. Not glamorous, but useful to the customer. I'm waiting for the day someone comes up to me and says "I needed a portable hard-drive for five years, but only felt confident enough to purchase one when I went on the Storage Event. Thank you".

It'll happen.

What are you known for?

Being accused of being a feeder, doing the worm on nights out, and - after Greg - being 'the sassiest member of the team'.


Jon Cornish
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