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Despite receiving thousands of website hits a month on the Very.co.uk website, less than 0.1% of customers were converting to buy a Hewlett-Packard computer.

We spoke to Very customers and it revealed that we were talking to them in the wrong way - RAM, processing speeds and hard-drives weren’t doing it for them.

So, HP faced a challenge: how could we bring the benefits of their products to life in a way that would resonate with the Very shopper?

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Find your perfect match

There’s a computer out there for everyone and it was up to us to help our shopper find the right one for her.

We created the ‘Find your perfect match’ campaign, flipping the traditional tech advertising model on its head. Instead of talking about what was inside the product, we talked about what it did. Goodbye to a 1Tb hard-drive, hello to enough storage for 200,000 photos!


We identified 4 lifestyle segments; music and movie buffs, social networkers, ‘on the go’ and geek chic. This helped us make it much simpler to shop their range, and communicate a more relevant message to each group. We built a hub for our new content on the Very site, created an augmented-reality quiz, went big on press and used email to close the deal.


%t uplift vs LY
New customers acquired
% customer conversion rate to sale
“'I love this creative! We’re holding this campaign up internally as a best in class retail execution across Europe at HP."
Alia Rosmini

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