Holly Conway Organised

Office Assistant

I work across the whole group to ensure the smooth running of SMG's offices and help create a great working environment.

I own the administrative tasks that provide support across the whole group and strive to continually improve the efficiency of how the offices are run and ensure that they all correspond equally with each other.

Q&A with Holly

Best experience at Threefold?

My first all company meeting! I was new to the company and my team consisted of just me, and only me. During my interview phases I was told that they required somebody who wasn’t afraid to get stuck in – so the pressure was on! I got stuck in and made changes from the get go and the response I got was overwhelming - I received multiple nominations for internal awards and it was a real confident boost to hear I was doing a good job and that my efforts around the offices were having a postive impact on the business.


Holly Conway
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