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Senior Client Manager

I oversee the day to day running of our Electrical division on the Shop Direct account.

Responsible for leading a team in the creation of industry leading shopper marketing proposals that unlock supplier funding to implement innovative and creative campaigns. The Brand list we work across is both varied yet stimulating, including Samsung, Dyson, Xbox and Fitbit, however it’s also my team’s responsibility to ensure all proposed shopper marketing campaigns are aligned to the requirements of all internal Shop Direct teams i.e. Trading, Brand, Buying etc.

Q&A with Helena

Best experience at Threefold?

I have 2 but both are closely linked..

Sitting down in front of the TV and watching a TV advert I had personally worked on in the advert break of the XFactor Live Final and overhearing someone positively comment on a print advert I had overseen delivery of in the Metro during a tube journey in London. It’s when you see your work having real impact in the day to day lives of strangers that really resonates with me!

Favourite campaign?

UGG at Shop Direct AW16. Despite the campaign being a few years back, it was the first time I’d ran a full-scale photo shoot on location with multiple models and the final outcome was really well received by all parties.

What are you known for?

Beyoncé style dance moves at 3am (the ‘Beyoncé style’ may be a little more in my head… maybe just dance moves at 3am...!)

Fun loving

Helena Bronnert
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