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Bringing BabyBjorn's national ATL campaign to life across retail.


Sometimes we’re all a little guilty of forgetting about the dads but not BabyBjorn. They wanted to put dads front and centre of their campaign to drive demand of their new spring collection of baby carrier at Mothercare.

The challenge? How do we resonate with dads at Mothercare, when the shopper base is mostly female?

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Leveraging ATL efforts to drive demand

Using #Dadstories not only leveraged the awareness and education being driven ATL, but also allowed us to create cut through for BabyBjorn in a sea of messages aimed at mums by focusing on dads as the everyday superhero. To create consistency in look and feel for a through-the-line campaign, we decided to use some of the existing ATL creative featuring dads in our shopper campaign to ensure shoppers to recall ATL efforts when in-store or online.

We needed to reach as many dads (and those shopping for dads) as possible, so we focused budget on high awareness channels, in turn allowing us to showcase the new collection to all parents. Using offsite media we were able to increase consideration as well as drive shoppers to the Mothercare website to purchase and browse via a bespoke brandstore.

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Million impressions
% sales uplift across Babybjorn
% uplift in category share

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