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How could we inspire shoppers at Co-op this Christmas?


Christmas isn’t just about the 25th December or the big Christmas dinner, crackers and the tree. It’s about that and a whole lot more.

It’s about all the moments that make the occasion the festive period that it is. A season of joy, giving, sharing, feasting, partying and celebrating together with colleagues, friends, pets and family. And it's all the nation’s favourite brands and products that bring everyone together and provide the merriment of the season.

We wanted to bring together a collection of festive favourite brands that create the moments that make the season so special on media throughout the shop journey. Large format media around store as well as media at fixture were key to ensuring we not only inspired, but also converted shoppers at the crucial point of purchase.

Brands also shared the joy with Co-op head office colleagues to continue building retailer relationships.

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Creative strategy and idea

We needed to resonate with shoppers who were popping in for all their festive food and drink needs from party favourites to meals and cosy comforts and did so in two ways:

1. Using our copy to relate to actual festive moments and thoughts we know shoppers have at this time of year

2. Placing key brands as the ideal choice to live those moments

Co Op Christmas Case Study

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