Chris Goddard Skiing

Client Manager

Whilst my main responsibility is looking after the Kiosk category for the Co-op partnership, my responsibilities also extend to financial stewardship for the account and helping to improve the compliance for our campaigns.

More recently I have also been working on growing new opportunities within the partnership. I can also usually be found sorting out various IT requests for the team and working out new ways to connect our different offices through tech.

Q&A with Chris

Best experience at Threefold?

Good things come to those who wait, but at Threefold you don't have to wait too long before something challenging but exciting comes your way. Presenting to Diageo at the Guinness Factory in Dublin (after a tasting session and a pint of Guinness over lunch!) was definitely one of the best experiences so far. Having visited the home of Guinness the previous year as a visitor, to come back and present was a real career highlight, and one I won't forget in a hurry.

Favourite campaign?

A strong campaign for us is one which ticks the three boxes as being a great campaign for the retailer, the shopper, and the brand. One of the most successful in this respect has been the Curry week campaign. It brought together products cross category (curry ingredients and beer), in a way which just made sense for the shopper. The creative was particularly enticing, and the results showed that it worked really well for the brands involved.

What are you known for?

Being a frustrated thespian. I will do anything to get up on stage and present.


Chris Goddard
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