Celebrating a milestone in child safety in style.


For all parents, safety is their number one concern when it comes to buying travel products for their baby. 2017 marked 20 years since the invention and launch of ISOFIX car seats by well known brand Britax.

So what better partnership than the most trusted baby and toddler retailer with the most well known ISOFIX brand?

However, Britax faced a challenge: with all other car seat brands also now calling out ISOFIX features, how do we remind shoppers that Britax was the pioneer brand that set the standard for safety that is still used today?

Britax 2

Safety first

We needed to focus on Britax’s right to win in the market: safety. The brand has cultivated an impressive culture of innovative safety firsts, allowing us to hero Britax’s expertise in safety. So we brought the 20 year anniversary of ISOFIX to the forefront of all communications, peaking parents interest before helping them find the right product for them

Mc Britax Case Study 02

Analysing the Mothercare shopper’s path to purchase, we identified multiple key moments in which to disrupt her journey and present her with our Britax campaign, from initial research stages right through to making a purchase decision. Not only did we use multiple media channels along the path to purchase, we also created a competition on social and provided expert advice using Facebook Live Chat.


% sales uplift during the campaign
Social competition entries
Million social media impressions

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