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Encouraging Miss Very to invest in Nike sportswear, in a fashion-forward way.


As a premium sportswear brand, Nike were faced with the challenge of reaching out to a core audience of Very shoppers who primarily buy sportswear for fashion over function and don't always consider Nike for fashion.

How could we inspire and encourage the Very shopper to invest in Nike sportswear, in a fashion-forward way? ​

Nike Kv

Changing their perception

The female Very C&F shopper is a trend follower rather than a setter and admits to not wearing sportswear to physically do sports, but more for the fashion.​

Taking that into consideration, we looked to bridge the gap between sportswear and everyday fashion trends with the influence of fashion experts. By utilising the opinion of experts, we were able to inspire our target shoppers to invest in premium products and wear sportswear in a way that is more relevant to her lifestyle.​

In line with Nike’s annual Air Max Day campaign, we executed trend-led influencer activity, using multiple fashion bloggers across the UK to create fashion-inspired content. By using fashion bloggers for bespoke, inspiring content, we focused on educating the Very shopper on wearing her Nike products in trend-led ways, whilst utilising the organic advertising channels usually browsed for inspiration.

Nike Case Study

A total of 7 influencers seeded out content across social media within the run up to and on Air Max Day itself.​​

We reached a combined total of 103,961 Instagram users, resulting in a significant increase in demand across the entire range.


% uplift in demand during campaign
% uplift in demand YoY
Thousand Instagram reach

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