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Making Christmas magic at The Very Group.


Writing a Christmas list is part of the magic of Christmas – the first stage in the build up to the big day.

And if you’re a child of the eighties you might just remember the times when you used to sit down with a catalogue and write out your list for Santa.

We wanted to use the power of digital to bring this magic to life for a new generation of kids (and make life easier for mum and dad along the way).

Toyteam Bg

Santa's Toy Grotto

We created a magical, interactive toy grotto where kids could log on with mum or dad and create their perfect wish list filled with the latest toys from all the top brands. They could even print a letter to post to the north pole.

The wish list was saved for mum and dad and sent to their emails. With the option of next day delivery and the ability to spread the payments interest free, it made Christmas shopping a breeze.

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% uplift in toy category sales
% conversion to purchase
% of all toy click on Littlewoods derived from wish lists

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