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With not being a shopper's automatic choice for electricals, we needed to look at current barriers to purchase and the full shopping journey to understand how to make Very the first port of call in this category.



As an often complicated, highly involved purchase, buying a high ticket electrical item can be a daunting task. However, with a very engaged shopper who currently often doesn't appreciate the full range of choice available at there was a real opportunity for The Very Group to simplify the process and grow market share.

We developed a new strategy through the proposition of Very Best, which made ‘Big decisions simple for real life’. We used influencers who resonate with our shoppers and represent each of their relevant lifestyles to provide practical and simple explanations of why the products are ideally tailored to them.


Creative Strategy

We filmed influencers in their homes using the products and talking about the everyday benefits of the electricals – specifically for the lifestyle they represented. This was then hosted in a landing page on the and on the relevant product pages to act as tailored content for these Very Best SKUs. These SKUs were boosted to the top of the gallery page with ‘Very Best’ roundels to make the decision as simple as possible, and to show that the retailer has endorsed these products. A substantial media pack ran alongside this to drive traffic through to the landing page, with targeted media to ensure that we were speaking to the right shoppers at the right times in the right manner, using event creative to drive cross-category sales and visibility in high OTS areas of the site.

Let's look at the numbers...

Million OTS
% Increase in landing page dwell time
% Uplift in revenue for Campaign SKUs
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