Sam Mcmanus Cutlery

Client Executive

My current role at Threefold allows me to work directly with the biggest soft drinks and crisps, snacks and nuts brands in the world.

I work as a Client Executive on the Co-op account, helping brands breakdown huge annual investments into a campaign by campaign plan. We work through from the planning stage, through to the live in-store execution. I also like getting stuck into the extra-curricular parts of the job, including becoming official director of Beer O'Clock every Friday and helping arrange conferences and social events for the team.

Q&A with Sam

Best experience at Threefold?

Outside of the day to day, culture is something Threefold really focus on more than any company I know - it's always great to see your hard work recognised and rewarded.

Favourite Campaign?

I loved working with brands on their 2018 World Cup campaigns. There were so many big investments which we unlocked thanks to some exciting media channels we unlocked for the World Cup, including our first ever store takeover with Pepsi Max and Doritos.

What are you known for?

Eating everything, all the time.


Sam McManus
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