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My job is to lead Threefold in our mission to transform Shopper Media. That means working closely with retailers and brands, creating campaigns that really connect with shoppers and grow demand for our clients.

My marketing career began at Guinness World Records. I planned book launches and other events, and met some of the most incredible people in the world. But I really cut my teeth at marketing giant Procter and Gamble – I managed the Gilette and Venus brands, first in the UK and then in Geneva for nine markets across Western Europe.

Outside work, I’ve tried my hand at a few different roles: pilot, racing driver, and – more recently – dad of three. I also played a starring role in a TV advert as a child. Which advert? That secret is staying with me…

Q&A with Sam

Best experience at Threefold?

Working with the ever growing and increasingly talented group of people here at Threefold. Coming from the Client side, I get a big kick out of seeing what can be achieved with a relatively small group of like minded people

Favourite campaign?

I just love the Toy Grotto we made for Littlewoods in the really early days. It was magical, fun and most of all, really effective.

What are you known for?

Three things (of course): Probably my bad pep talks at company meetings. Although a few people know that I was a child actor. Even fewer know what in.

Wanna Be F1 driver

Sam Knights
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