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Microsoft Office 365 is known for business. People just don’t use it in the same way at home.

But with family life becoming increasingly busy and the average person needing to complete 59 tasks each day outside of work, we knew Microsoft had an opportunity to help.

How could we change perceptions for Microsoft Office to ensure they became the enabler of a simpler life at home?

Microsoft Office

Made with Office

With more than 6 programmes included in each package, we needed to show shoppers the role Microsoft could play away from work and bring to life its benefits in a compelling way online.

We created three scenarios of the ‘Made with Office’ campaign, where Office could make an impact. Whether it was planning a wedding, helping with the kids’ homework or planning a family party, there was a Microsoft tool to support.


We filmed videos showing ‘in action’ shots of where Office could help. We ran the campaign in three phases, bringing to life one scenario each month and encouraging shoppers to consider a new aspect of Office. We improved the navigation to Office on-site, making it simpler to find and easier to buy, and we used targeted channels to reach people with the highest propensity to buy.

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% sales uplift vs forecast
% swing towards female customers shopping
Million opportunities to see
"I’d like to take the opportunity to again say a huge thank you on behalf of both Marianne and myself, and also our wider internal teams for the time and effort your team put into delivering such a considered and detailed proposal. Our internal teams really stood up and took notice when we pitched this in on your behalf and I think that is testament to the excellent job your team did in formulating your response to the brief."
Karen Reeves

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