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New Year Healthy January event.


So many of us make New Year’s resolutions in January, with the most common based on being healthier.

With shoppers looking to change some of the food and drink they buy, January is the perfect time to inspire them to try something new / different.

But the challenge for Co-op was how to set themselves apart from other retailers at a time when everyone is talking ‘new year, new you’.

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Keeping shoppers motivated

There is a perception that healthy food can be boring and bland, especially when kick-starting the habit in January that can lead many (50%) to lose motivation after the first month.

We created the ‘Keep on track, but don’t hold back’ campaign for Co-op and supplier brands to help inspire shoppers stay motivated with little twists on healthy that make sticking to New Year resolutions that little bit easier.

Tailoring the messaging along the path to purchase, we gave shoppers inspiration from the start of their journey, leveraging serving suggestions as a way to fulfill those ‘unhealthier’ cravings often feel, being able to stick to their new year’s resolutions.

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