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Planning Manager

At Threefold, I develop campaign strategies at brand and category level for both Co-op and Shop Direct.

This means taking a business challenge or opportunity and delving into shopper, brand and retailer insight to identify a strategic solution for both comms and media. I also brief and work alongside our creative teams to ensure we produce relevant and distinctive work.

Q&A with Nadia

Best experience at Threefold?

So far I've really enjoyed the internal training courses offered by SMG; no other agency I've worked at puts so much emphasis on professional development and it is always really useful and pragmatic.

Favourite campaign?

We've recently developed a bold but humourous campaign for Dyson that was specifically tailored to resonate with the target audience at Very. It still makes me grin every time I see it!

What are you known for?

Never being able to dress for the weather!


Nadia Mkinsi
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