Morgan Tarr Foodie

Client Manager

I am a Client Manager for the Co-op account, with no two days ever being the same!

I am responsible for the Grocery and Non-Food/Home & Personal Care categories, which has me working with a variation of brands and can have me talking about cereal with Kellogg’s, hot beverages with Nestle or pet food with Mars Pet. My role includes building and maintaining client relationships, working on proposals as well as coming up with strategic shopper campaigns that brands can't resist!

Q&A with Morgan

Best experience at Threefold?

There's been a lot, but it's seeing the campaigns you have worked on from start to finish come to life and deliver strong results. Plus it's true, we definitely work hard but even play harder!

Favourite Campaign?

The National Curry Week campaign. We offered a complete meal solution to shoppers, by bringing three complimentary products together. We utilised feature space and brought it to life in-store through different touchpoints. Not only did it look great creatively, it delivered great results and had great feedback from the brands and Co-op's trading team.

What are you known for?

Bringing an "Aussie flare" to everything I do

The ocean

Morgan Tarr
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