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Client Associate

I'm a Client Associate on the Shop Direct account.

Responsible for the implementation of all our offsite media activity across each brand category, I also work closely with our media agency Pace to see each campaign through from brief to upload.

Q&A with Faye

Best experience at Threefold?

Seeing creative that I helped produce go live across the Daily Mail website and proudly showing it off to my friends and family.

Favourite campaign?

Although this wasn't a campaign I worked on personally, my favourite would have to be the Adidas Festival campaign as we worked closely with a cool group of influencers called the Confetti Crowd and they provided us with some amazing content, with each of them styling up each outfit in a fashion forward way. The assets looked great across the Shop Direct sites!

What are you known for?

Taking my own houmous to Nandos...

Cat lover

Faye Porter
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