Dyson Summer Cooling Banner 1


Driving Sales for Dyson in the heatwave.


As the summer heatwave hit, it opened up a great opportunity for Dyson to demonstrate their EC ( environmental conditioning) range at a time of huge receptivity. We worked quickly to develop a campaign that showed shoppers why Dyson was the right product for them.

Dyson Summer Cooling Banner 1


We selected paid social as our key piece of media with the focus of driving sales for hero products within the Dyson EC range. Not only have we seen strong ROI results in paid social campaigns in the past, but it is a channel that allows us to be highly reactive. We were also able to drive new customers to shop Dyson at Very by targeting ‘lookalike’ shoppers based on their shopping behaviour, interests and demographic.

Dyson Summer Cooling Case Study

Creative Strategy

The paid social campaign ran across Facebook and Instagram throughout August. Alongside this, we sent a targeted email to shoppers with a high propensity to buy into fans and heaters. We also deployed a host of onsite channels including an electrical zone cell, category banner and order confirmation banner to speak to shoppers across the whole shopper journey. Due to the strategic nature of the campaign, the trading team at The Very Group also supported the campaign with channels such as homepage exposure and inclusion in trading emails.

Let's look at the numbers

Million Impressions
% Sales Uplift vs last year
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