Making Dyson accessible to today's online shopper.


Despite continuous growth and success with Dyson, they were nervous to invest behind marketing campaigns that wouldn’t allow their potential shoppers to touch and feel their products.

How could we create an emerging online experience to wow Miss Very?

We know that Miss Very isn’t tech-savvy and will often research before purchasing into the Electrical category. We also know she values longevity and reassurance when buying into premium products such as vacuum cleaners.

Taking this into account, we planned and executed a bespoke video shoot using two of the best selling Dyson vacuums; the V8 Absolute and the Lightball Multifloor.

Dyson Kv

Bespoke emulator videos

To tackle the challenge, we created a series of videos that give Miss Very guidance on the different functions of the two hero vacuums and to showcase the key features to encourage purchase.

The video content showed Miss Very how to set up the vacuums, the types of tools that were included and how to keep on top of the maintenance of the vacuums. The videos sit at the top of the Dyson brandstore, easily accessible to those who have purchased a vacuum, and those who are near the end of their shopper journey to encourage them to purchase.


Through thinking outside the box and creating some educational and relatable video content for Miss Very, we saw some strong results, with Dyson floorcare sales increasing +20% vs. pre-period, as well as both hero lines sales increasing by a considerable amount, especially for the light ball with a +165% sales increase vs. pre-period.


% sales uplift for the Light ball
Video interactions
% sales uplift for the V8 absolute

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