Launching the new Apple Homepod in style.


We were briefed on an exciting and rare opportunity to market the launch of Apple's new HomePod at Very that needed to achieve two things:

  1. Promoting their latest product launch, the HomePod2
  2. Maintaining Apple's premium brand status through a strategic retailer partnership campaign to maintain the retailer's access to future Apple products at launch?​
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There were two jobs to be done

Raise awareness

We needed to drive broad awareness of Apple at Very (leveraging the new HomePod in creative) to get as many prospective customers as possible onsite. We targeted a specified 'Apple customer' audience profile with our activity and ensured the advert felt native to Very's 'Everyday Life Goals' creative template to benefit from any halo effect of wider Very media activity and efficiently reach potential customers.

Convert consideration into sales

Once the customer is aware that Apple & the HomePod are available at Very, there needed to be a distinct Apple presence to support the homepage activity and the overall customer journey. We wanted to prompt purchase at relevant moments along the path to purchase to ensure we maintained shopper interest.


% uplift across total brand
% uplift across the category

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